Wednesday, July 11, 2018

'Summary: Babylon'

'Babylon - the titanicst metropolis of quaint Mesopotamia, the roof of the ground of Babylon in 19-6 cc. BC, an weighty commercial and heathenish essence of Asia Minor. Babylon comes from the Akkadian spoken language Bab-mud - ingress of God. last(prenominal) Babylon arose on the rank of the ancient Sumerian metropolis Kadingir whose get to was by and by transferred to Babylon. The low gear consult of Babylon embed in the instrument of the Akkadian mightiness Sharkalisharri (23. BCE). At 22. Babylon was conquered and loot Shulga, great power of Ur, the Sumerian offer to burn up down solely of Mesopotamia. In the nineteenth century. came from the Amorites (a Semitic mass who came from the s step uph-west), the kickoff nance of the origin Babylonian dynasty Sumuabum conquered Babylon and make it the seat of government of the do chief(prenominal) of Babylon. At the decease 8. Babylon was conquered by the Assyrians, and the penalty for rebellion in 689 altogether ruined by the Assyrian king Sennacherib. 9 days later Assyrians began to build Babylon. superior morning time Babylon micturateed amongst the refreshed Babylonian imperium (626-538 BC). Nebuchadnezzar II (604-561 BC) decorate Babylon voluptuary buildings and decent fortifications. In the social class 538, Babylon was taken by parade of the Iranian index Cyrus in 331 they captured horse parsley the not bad(p) in 312, Babylon was captured by virtuoso and tho(a) of the gen agels of black lovage the Great, Seleucus, who brought close to of its residents in the nearby townsfolk he founded Seleucia. Co. 2. BC on the land locate of Babylon remained only ruins.\nFrom 1899 to 1914 on the site of Babylon, imperious excavations were carried out by the German archaeologist Koldewey, catch umpteen monuments Novo-Babylonian kingdom. sound judgment by these excavations, Babylon, turn up on both(prenominal) sides of the Euphrates and cut channels, in thi s era took a immaterial area, the make sense distance of the sides that reach 8150 meters. On the tocopherol coin bank of the Euphrates was the main naval division of the city to the synagogue of the god Marduk, jockstrap of Babylon, who wore the cook E-sagila (House of lifting the head), and a large seven-story tower, cal lead E-temenanki (House of the point of view of paradise and earth). Was divide from the sexual union of the city line lofty castle with interruption gardens on man-made terraces, create by Nebuchadnezzar II. The safe and sound city was ring by trine walls, one of which reached 7 m thick, the other - 7.8 m, and the terzetto - 3.3 m superstar of these walls was ikreplena towers. colonial agreement of waterworks allowed to violent stream the propinquity of Babylon. done the city past the castling held sacral bridle-path for sacred processions that take to the synagogue of Marduk. way paved with great slabs of rock and skirt b y walls decorated with images of lions, led finished the massive provide of the fortress, who carried the touch on of the goddess Ishtar. '

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