Thursday, July 25, 2019

Group Cohesion and Productivity (MGT 415) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Group Cohesion and Productivity (MGT 415) - Essay Example I had recently joined the organization and was not fully aware of the all the operations and technologies (Losh). The technology that was used in the organization was very advance. However, instructions and trainings were provided by the management, but many of us still had issues. This problem was resolved when a group project comprising of 6 team members were announced to us. Since, I was new in the organization I had to cope up with different things (Feldman and Arnold), and because of the other 5 members I was able to do so. Working in a team turned out to be helpful and effective as it allowed me and others to share knowledge and overcome shortfalls. The project successfully ended before the given deadline. On the contrary, a similar team project did not work very well a few weeks ago. The team members including me did not have a mutual understanding with each other; thus, the decisions were vague and did not turn out to be as efficient as the last project. The project also failed as the productions was in a deficit and also exceeded the time

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