Monday, July 29, 2019

The Economic Life of My Community Personal Statement

The Economic Life of My Community - Personal Statement Example The subjects in Terms 1 and 2 have stimulated me to think like a business manager, and now I can see how apparently irrelevant news items can have an economic or business impact. Charles Handy’s book, â€Å"Understanding organizations† introduces concepts key to business management: motivation, role, power and influence, group dynamics, leadership, organizational structure etc. He explains the necessity of thinking in terms of organizational context. Before attending this course though I had seen a lot of organizations like my school, my father’s company etc. But I had never considered how they are structured and organized. This course has trained me to look at organizations analytically, to consider questions like: â€Å"How should a company be structured?†; â€Å"How is authority delegated?†, â€Å"How can staff be motivated?†, â€Å"How salaries are to be decided ?† I am nowhere near to be answering these questions and that’s where I believe my final degree in business management will help. ... My course was just at the right time to benefit from these events. Understanding how an organization works are very important to understand how businesses operate, as I want to start my own business this learning was very crucial for me when I had joined this course. Has the course lived up to my needs? This is something I may not be able to answer but I can certainly mention that what I have learned is what I will surely need in my career. The course has certainly surpassed my expectations. Here are a few things that I have learned about how an organization works. Learning from specific seminars: Roles and interaction – In 1970 Dr. Meredith Belbin, working at Henley Management College defined the concept Team Role as â€Å"A tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.† He also suggested nine different roles played by team members. I believe my role is that of a resource investigator; while my ambition to be an entrepreneur. Before un derstanding these concepts I had problems working as a group member, due to differing expectations of my role within the group. I believed my role to be that of a networker with outsiders, and a mobilizer of resources. However having studied these concepts and applying them during my foundation course I have improved my ability to work as a team member, and I now ensure to spell out clearly from the start what role I expect to play. Handy’s explanation of Role theory explains the concepts of â€Å"stereotyping† and â€Å"halo effect† which will also help me to work better in team endeavors.  

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