Friday, August 23, 2019

Dance research paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Dance - Research Paper Example Vaslav was born in the year 1890 in Kiev. Vaslav’s parents were both dancers that were well acclaimed. This was one of the factors that motivated Vaslav to join the dancing world. The family had its own dancing company where they recruited and trained dancers. Vaslav was a natural dancer and did not require a lot of training. The dancing company trained dancers that performed all over Russia with Vaslav tagged along almost all the events. This was the basis of his experience and he gained a lot of confidence due to facing large crowds at a very young age (Kassing 173). The breakthrough for Nijinsky came when he met up with Sergei Diaghilev. This was one of the most prominent people in the entertainment scene at the time and Nijinsky was fortunate to be linked to him. After a while, he joined his dancing group where he got to learn various dance styles. At first, Nijinsky was not sure of which dancing routine he would pursue and thus, with assistance and training, got to try different dances (Russes). After several trials, he got to decide that ballet dancing was his routine of choice and from there on, he indulged fully in this. Diaghilev took Nijinsky alongside other dancers to Paris for a performance. In this performance, Nijinsky pleased the crowd and got a standing ovation alongside with the other dancers since he was the lead in that particular routine. Le Pavillon d’Armide is one of the most acclaimed pieces that the character performed (Russes). This is a piece that he performed in Paris and gave him a huge positive applaud. His style was different from the people that had initially acted and danced in the piece. The reason for this is that Nijinsky was creative. It is also significant to know that he had the ability to relate actively with the audience. In the particular piece, Nijinsky would at times bend over so as to greet his audience while still

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