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Dynasty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dynasty - Essay Example ty came to an abrupt ending because of its expensive military expansions and political unrest due to its autocratic and tyrannical form of government. Though principles of Confucius were respected and followed to some extent in state affairs but more emphasis was paid on Buddhism and Taoism. Education system was over-hauled. Civil service exams were introduced a long time back during the Han dynasty and during this time period, this system was revived. The economy of China improved due to developments and engineering works such as canals, roads and cities- which were undertaken on a large scale. Special attention was paid to irrigation and agriculture. The Grand Canal was built to promote speedy communication and transportation between the northern and the southern parts of China. The Great Wall of China was also fortified. 1 In 617, the Sui dynasty was overthrown by Tangs. It promoted Taoism in the religious and social lives of the people. The government was centralized and it managed to rule for about 300 years. Major changes in the political, economical and social structures were witnessed during this time. Printing was invented and Art and literature flourished. Arab, Persian and foreign traders expanded their activities during the eighth century and set up factories at the Canon Delta, Fu-chien and Chiang-su2. The government held large areas of land particularly for the breeding of horses for the government officials; and military-agricultural colonies were established along the northern border as a means to protect the frontier3. The Tang dynasty managed to establish peace and stability in the empire and during 715-56 AD, prices were low and merchants could undertake long journeys without the fear of robbery.4 Transport of luxury goods and grains from the southern parts of China was made easy with the intricate web of highways and the canal system.5 This state of wealth and prosperity could not last longer because land holding policies of the government

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