Wednesday, August 28, 2019

HEALTH COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HEALTH COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES - Essay Example Among the objectives that I deemed fit for this paper include improving the health literacy of the population, increase the number of health practitioners with satisfactory communication kills and thirdly is to enlarge figure of patients who report that their health care providers contently involved them in their health care decisions. (Phase 1 report, 2008) The first goal is increasing health literacy among the general population. In an era where many of the rising diseases that is taking a tremendous toll on the world’s population are bad lifestyle habits, there is need to increase health literacy especially in such occasions where disease causes are cumulative persistence of bad habits. Increased awareness of healthy lifestyles that I should uphold has played an enormous part in the lifestyles decision that I make. Secondly, increasing health care practitioners with sufficient communication skills would in a huge way improve the freedom that most patients feel limited when talking to a healthcare provider. In addition, such skills have in the past enhanced the health care process since there was sufficient understanding between me and my health care providers, and between the respective health practitioners. Thirdly, the information involved with patient care technologies is highly involved in making sure that patients or thei r custodians make the wisest decision concerning their health problems. Through the objective, the United States government hopes to liberate the health sector in such a way that expert opinions can be incorporated with patients beliefs as well as the patient’s guardian views to form a single all rounded wise decision about the health care of the respective patient. This I think is most important since I feel a high level of freedom of will and satisfaction having taken decisions concerning my health care that my health care providers adhered to in my

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