Sunday, September 8, 2019

Research report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Research report - Essay Example This is since they do not have the same intellectual level as the analyst on the given subject. The author of the report needs to match the material with the interests of his/her audience. This can keep them interested through the presentation process. Without an exceptional presentation, the audience may find the material uninteresting (Lannon, 2007). Another reason why a researcher needs to think of his/her audience is the fact that their need for that information is vital. Therefore, a researcher has the capacity to influence the audience through the report (Lannon, 2007). The presentation needs to suit them perfectly. There is first the elimination of unnecessary detail. The audience needs to understand the motive of the research. Getting straight to the point is one way to do this. The audience may be lost while trying to decipher the main point of the research, hence losing interest. Another step is addressing the audience directly during the presentation (Gerson & Gerson, 2005). This can be of help since the audience need to feel as part of the report. Moreover, the language should suit the audience to make them understand better. This is to prevent losing them in the long run due to tough grammar. Keeping it short, precise, and to the point can help the audience appreciate the report, and the researcher. They do not need to get lost in the presentation of the findings. Hence; the reason to keep the presentation short (Gerson & Gerson, 2005). In conclusion, an exceptional report relies heavily on the presentation of the findings. If there is a poor presentation, then the research was in vain. It makes the researcher lose morale even though he/she might have decent material (Blicq, 2003). Following such steps, one is likely to have his/her audience interested in what they are

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