Thursday, October 17, 2019

Aaa Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Aaa - Essay Example The social media, like a program bundled with customizable options for the end users’ discretion – work the same way. End users can fully customize the function of Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all available networks on the Web today. In that light, people choose what they want for Twitter to become – if a group of people choose to initiate a protest through Twitter – they choose to make it a form of civic revolution. In the beginning, social media was created for the purposes of connecting family members, relatives and acquaintances. But it has changed to connecting people of same interests. We have liking, recommending, tweeting and retweeting tool on these two giant networks, namely Facebook and Twitter. But I firmly believe that the decision is left by the brilliant guys behind Facebook and Twitter, and the like to the mass – the end users. The birth of the internet has given people the chance to build a network where communication and interaction is possible. Hence social media have proven to be dynamic tools to make the whole world connected – not just family members. The end users who have discretion to use these social networks to speak the truth and to enjoy freedom are responsible for promoting the civic and political protest, not the social media. Social media merely give all the tools for the end users to enjoy connectivity and exercise

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