Wednesday, October 30, 2019

American-Mexican border issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

American-Mexican border issues - Essay Example In addition, the border region between the US and Mexico is a place of significance for the people who live in it. These people have a shared history, culture and heritage. This region has two deserts and rapid population growth. Tourism in this area is a major source of revenue. The people inhabiting this region share several common features, and have adopted a common lifestyle. They also tend to be influenced by the geographical features of the region. Moreover, they enjoy the unique features of an international border (Anderson and Gerber 1). Communities from the US and Mexico that live in this border region have adjusted to the peculiar challenges posed by the international boundary, which in also divides the local communities of great similarity. The migrants to this region have been compelled to adjust to the integrated culture, language, economy, and politics. These factors have significantly influenced these migrant communities from both the countries (Anderson and Gerber 1). As such, the international border produces profound effects on the daily life of every person in the region. According to Global Exchange, entering into the US has become a difficult task for illegal immigrants. A large number of such people have died in their attempt to enter the country, since the inception of Operation Gatekeeper. A majority of the illegal immigrants had died due to the unfriendly nature of the region. Some people had drowned in the canals and rivers. Others had died in the desert, due to dehydration, heat stress, and hypothermia (Beyond the Border – Mà ¡s Allà ¡ de la Frontera). As such, Operation Gatekeeper adopted an inhuman attitude towards illegal immigrants. In addition, ranchers had shot Mexicans in Arizona and Texas. Crossing the border is a hazardous activity, in which nearly 370 immigrants have died in the year 2000, due to exposure to heat and cold. There are a number of illegal immigrants

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