Sunday, October 6, 2019

Language & Levels Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Language & Levels - Assignment Example Additionally, without proper communication, the department will not be motivated to associate themselves in planning the objectives and goals of the organization. The management of communication and human resources are the questioned area when the firm is deficient despite having necessary tools. The second measurement is equipment. If the objectives and goals are well, designed and comprehended by the working team and are well motivated, but the firm is deficient, management need to revise the equipment and tools to see if they are corresponding to the productivity level. Another measurement is teamwork and the values of the organization. If the members of the department do not show a collaborative attitude towards one another, a crucial problem may arise in terms of assessing the interaction between the team members. The measurement used in out department to measure the effectiveness of the company is descriptive data. The goal of descriptive data is to describe. The numerical measures are used in telling the features about a collection of data. Some of the items that belong to descriptive data include average, kurtosis, and skewness. Conversely, in inferential data, there is use of representative subset of the population called the sample. Inferential data researched on the statistical sample (Menzefricke, 2 005). The recommendation for the organization inefficiency posted by one of my classmates is by balancing the internal process value, human relation value, rational goals value, and the open system value. The contextual and structural variables are associated with the above values. Additionally, the concern posted by another classmate on communication measurement, the organization needs to explain the goals of the company to the employs and set the kind of values that are well followed and understood by the employees. I would also suggest the company to

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