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Influence Of Tobacco Use. “The Prevalence Of Current Smoking

Influence of Tobacco Use â€Å"The prevalence of current smoking among youth is lower than it has been in decades, and the rate of quitting smoking in younger birth cohorts has been increasing. Nonetheless, tobacco use among youth remains a public health problem of substantial importance due to adolescents being the time when most smokers start (Aldrich, Hidalgo, Widome et al., 2015).† About 87% of adults started smoking before the age of 18, while 98% started before the age of 26 (Aldrich, Hidalgo, Widome et al., 2015). Smoking is perceived to happen during adolescents, which was initially encouraged by tobacco industry marketing that has effectively and purposely targeted the youth (Aldrich, Hidalgo, Widome et al., 2015). So What are the†¦show more content†¦Peer Influence: Another influence toward adolescent tobacco use is the presence of peer authority. Peer influences play a significant role during adolescents. â€Å"Adolescents is a time when new identities, f riendships, and peer group affiliations are solidified and parental influences gradually diminish (Huang, Unger, Soto et al., 2014).† According to Huang, Unger, and Soto, peers tend to have a profound effect on each other and they have the ability to encourage experimentation of risky behaviors when there is normative pressure to do so. There has also been evidence to point to the fact that adolescents’ use of tobacco is greatly influenced with their friends’ use of the same substance (Huang, Unger, Soto et al., 2014). The most common peer influence is peer pressure in order to try and convince an individual to try substances. There are other ways peers can influence others without pressure. Modeling influence may be a factor in peer influences for tobacco use. As seen in movies, TV shows, and sports, many actors/athletes are scene smoking or using smokeless tobacco. For adolescents who see an actor or athlete as being a model, they also have an influential effect on what they do on TV. For example, smokeless tobacco is perceived to be a â€Å"baseball thing.† With many professional baseball players’ smokeless tobacco is a constant habit in theirShow MoreRelatedTobacco Use Among Adolescents And Young Adults1287 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Tobacco use among adolescents has been increasing over the years due to marketing strategies that target adolescents and attempt to promote beliefs that influence smoking behaviors. Many of the smoking behaviors are established in adolescents and young adults who are more influenced by exposure to promotional marketing advertisements such as billboards, transit ads, and other strategies that impose acceptable social norms among their peers. According to the CDC, in 2012, 6.7% of middleRead MoreThe Risk Factor Of Cigarette Smoking983 Words   |  4 Pageschose to address behavioral risk factor of cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of mortality that is responsible for nearly six million deaths worldwide and over 400,000 deaths annually in the United States (World Health Organization, 2011; Chandora, Whitney, Weaver, Eriksen, 2015). I reside in state of Georgia. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2014), 17.4% of Georgia adults were current cigarette smokers and 22.4% were former smokers. AdultRead MoreTobacco Use Is The Leading Cause Of Preventable Disease,978 Words   |  4 PagesTobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States. According to the 2014 Surgeon General’s Report, cigarette smoking and secondhand smoking exposure contribute to more than 480,000 premature deaths annually in the United States. Smoking use is associated with different types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, strokes, diabetes, respiratory diseases, and reproductive disorders. Moreover, cigarette smoking can cause inflammation and impair the immuneRead MoreSmoking Cessation Program For New Zealand : Smoke Free 2025 Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesSmoking Ces sation Program in New Zealand: Smoke-free 2025 Introduction Tobacco smoke is immensely harmful to one’s health. Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients, when this burned can generate 7,000 chemicals according to American Lung Association Many ad campaigns and literatures have been published on the detriments of smoking. Medical reports further shows that half of all long-term smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. This unhealthy practice must be addressed by the government toRead MoreAn Individual’S Health Is Dependent Not Only On The Behavioral1330 Words   |  6 Pageschoices they make, but also on influences from the social and political environments in which they live. The socio-ecological model of health identifies some of the immediate and distal factors that interact to influence the health of individuals. Personal factors include diet and physical activity, whereas culture and international trade are distal factors, which individuals often have little control over.14 The main personal risk factors that led to the large prevalence of CVD within the Finnish populationRead MoreThe Dangers Of Smoking Tobacco Smoking1547 Words   |  7 PagesDISCUSSION Since you cannot tackle what you are unaware of, the first step in decreasing tobacco smoking is to identify who the smokers are. These could be potential or current users of tobacco and tobacco products or people who are affected by environmental smoke also known as secondhand smoke. Health care providers cannot stop or reduce usage in a patient if they do not know whether the patient is a beginner or a current user. In the health care system, the family physicians are usually the primary contactRead MoreThe Association Between Tb And Tobacco Epidemic Essay1981 Words   |  8 Pagesbetween TB and Tobacco epidemic Since 1918, high prevalence of tobacco use has been identified as a risk factor for tuberculosis. (Webb G. B., 1918) It was much debated later and only recently the association has been given widespread attention by undertaking different kind of studies. Many studies have confirmed exposure to tobacco smoke as one of the risk factor for TB outcomes, after taking in to consideration, other confounder risk factors like socioeconomic status, alcohol use etc. 1.3.1 ExposureRead MoreEffects Of Smoking On Tobacco Industry On Health Care1526 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction SB 151/AB-8 seeks to decrease tobacco addiction in California by severely limiting youth access to tobacco products by increasing the age of sale for tobacco products to 21 years old. Adolescent brains are more prone to tobacco addiction and by the age of 21, if a person is a non-smoker, they are less likely to become a smoker. This bill is an extension to current legislature, the STAKE Act, which prohibits sale of tobacco products to persons under age of 18 years old. There haveRead MoreBans, Laws, And Taxes On Smoking Essay1020 Words   |  5 PagesBans, Laws, and Taxes on smoking With the changing of times, many places over the years have gone smoke free. Some of these places include: hospitals, airplanes, restaurants, bars, universities, schools, hotels and many others. One of the places in Anchorage that has recently gone smoke free is the University of Anchorage Alaska. According to an article titled â€Å"History of Smoke and Tobacco-Free UAA† (n.d.), â€Å"With the new policy, UAA joins more than 1,500 colleges and universities in the U.S. thatRead MoreThe Health Behavior Of Tobacco Use Among Adolescents1656 Words   |  7 PagesTobacco Use Among Adolescents Karah Brasher National University Abstract This paper addresses the health behavior of tobacco use among adolescents. There are many risk factors that contribute to this health behavior, as well as risk factors that contribute to the morbidity and mortality of tobacco use among adolescents. Tobacco Use Among Adolescents Over the last decade of two there has been a huge push to end the use of tobacco products such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco. These tobacco products

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