Thursday, May 14, 2020

Learn to Speak French Essential French for Travelers

Travelers to France and other countries where French is spoken will want to learn a few basic words in the local language. It will help you on your trip (le  voyage) as you make your way around and speak to people. In this French vocabulary lesson, you will learn how to ask for directions, navigate your transportation options and rent a car, avoid danger, and enjoy local shopping and dining during your stay. It is an introductory lesson and you will find links to other lessons so you can further your studies. As a traveler (voyageur), you may also want to brush up on French phrases required for politeness as well as a few that are essential and let people know that you are new to the language. Have a good trip! (Bon voyage  !) Note: Many of the words  below are linked to .wav files. Simply click on the link to listen to the pronunciation. Getting Around and Asking for Directions Whether you are roaming the streets of Paris or decide to take a drive in the French countryside, these simple phrases are useful for those times when you need to ask for help. Where is...? Oà ¹ se trouve... / Oà ¹ est... ? I can't find... Je ne peux pas trouver... I'm lost. Je suis perdu. Can you help me? Pouvez-vous m'aider ? Help! Au secours ! or Aidez-moi ! Travel Essentials Every traveler needs know these basic words for their journey. Tourist information -  information touristiqueCustoms -  la  douanePassport -  le  passeportMap -  la  carte Important Signs You Need to Know Travelers can find themselves in precarious situations if they dont know how to read signs. Some signs will warn you of danger while others simply draw your attention to a simple fact (like the museum is closed or the restroom is out of service). Before you travel, memorize these simple words and phrases that are found to ensure your trip goes a little smoother. Watch out! -  Attention !Open -  ouvert  Closed -  fermà ©Forbidden -  interditDo not enter -  dà ©fense dentrerOut of service -  hors service  or  en panne In case you should have a medical emergency, get sick, or have a specific medical condition, you will want to review and learn French vocabulary related to ailments and illnesses. Shops, Restaurants, and Hotels   In your journey, you will probably do quite a bit of shopping and dining. You will also need to stay at a hotel and all of these require you . The following vocabulary lessons will help you navigate all of these situations. At the HotelBanking and MoneyShoppingDining at Restaurants As a primer to those lessons, you will find that you will need to use these two phrases when making purchases. I would like... Je voudrais... How much does ____ cost? Combien coà »te... ? Transportation Essentials You will also need to rely on various types of  transportation (le  transport)  during your trip and reviewing these French words will be very useful. By Plane The airport comes with an entirely new set of vocabulary that you will want to know for your arrival and departure flights. Airplane -  lavionAirport -  laà ©roport By Subway Quite often, you will find that a subway is a great way to get from one place to another. Familiarizing yourself with these words will help you find the subway station. Subway -  le mà ©troSubway station -  la gare / station de mà ©tro By Bus The bus is another great form of local transportation (le transport local) and you will want to know just a few words in French. Bus - lautobusBus stop -  larrà ªt dautobusBus station -  la gare dautobus By Train Traveling by train is an affordable and comfortable way to get around France and trains also come with a unique set of vocabulary that you will want to study. Train -  le trainPlatform -  le quaiTrain station -  la gare At the Ticket Booth No matter which mode of public  transportation you choose, a ticket is often required and you will need to visit the ticket booth (billetterie). Round-trip ticket -  un billet aller-retourOne-way ticket -  un billet simplePrice -  le prix Renting a Car in French If you want to break out on your own, renting a car is a great way to do it. This portion of the lesson focuses on what you will need to know about car rentals, including what to ask for and important details in the rental agreement. When you do get in the car (la voiture), you will also want to know basic French vocabulary for driving. Rental -  la location I'd like to rent a car. Je voudrais louer une voiture. I reserved a car. J'ai rà ©servà © une voiture. Requesting a Particular Car You can make special requests for the car you would like to rent with a simple sentence. Begin the request with  Je voudrais... and specify the style of car youre seeking. I would like... Je voudrais... ... automatic transmission. ... une voiture avec transmission automatique. ... manual transmission / stick shift. ... la boà ®te manuelle. ... ecomony car. ... une voiture à ©conomie. ... compact car. ... une voiture compacte. ... mid-size car. ... une voiture intermà ©diaire. ... luxury car. ... une voiture luxe. ... convertible. ... une voiture dà ©capotable. ... 4x4. ... un quatre quatre. ... truck. ... un camion. ... a two-door / four-door. ... une voiture à   deux / quatre portes. Requesting Specific Features in a Car If you have special requirements, such as a seat for your child, begin the sentence with  Je voudrais...  (I would like...) and ask for one of these. Air conditioning -  la climeBaby seat -  une nacelle bà ©bà ©Booster seat -  un rà ©hausseur intà ©gralChild seat -  un sià ¨ge enfant Details of the Rental Agreement It is vital that you understand your rental agreement and these questions will ensure that there is no confusion lost in translation. Extra driver -  un conducteur supplà ©mentaireDamages -  les dommages How much will it cost? C'est combien ? Do I have to pay by the kilometer? Dois-je payer par kilomà ¨tre ? Is insurance included? L'assurance est-elle comprise ? Does it take gas or diesel? Qu'est-ce qu'elle prend : essence ou gazole ? Where can I pick up the car? Oà ¹ puis-je prendre la voiture ? When do I have to return it? Quand dois-je la rendre ? Can I return it to Lyon/Nice? Puis-je la rendre à   Lyon/Nice ?

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