Thursday, October 10, 2019

Energy from Peanut and Pea

Energy from Peanut and Pea Shawn lam 28/10/2011 Hypothesis I think that the peanut will release more Energy, as it is has more oil which will generate more energy. While the pea does not have as much oil as the peanut, so the pea will make less energy. Variables Independent variable: Pea, Peanut Dependent variable: Temperature Controlled variable: Beaker volume, Bunsen burner Equipment Beaker, water, Bunsen burner, pea, peanut, thermometer, toothpick (holding food), heat tile, grabber Procedure 1. First get equipment 2. Setup equipment 3.Put water in beaker, then grab with a grabber 4. Burn peanut/ pea with toothpick 5. Put the food under beaker 6. Record Temperature Result Table 1: Looking at the first table, the amount of water added to the beaker was 20ml. There were 4 trials for each food, except for the pea. Type of Food| Heat ( °C)| | Trial| Average| | 1| 2| 3| 4| | Peanut| 20| 35| 50| 59| 41| Pea| 8. 5| 5| 31|   | 14. 83333| Discussion This Experiment wasn’t really successful, as there weren’t 4 trials for the pea. Also some Peanuts/Pea were much bigger than other, next time I will try to choose the sizes more carefully next time.The peanut had a large range of temperature, this tells us either the thermometer is broken or the test was not conducted well. Maybe, the Pea could be changed with another food, as it frequently run out of energy in the middle of a test. Which caused the problem of recording its temprature. Next time maybe there should be better lighter, so that there wouldn’t be a problem with burning the food. There could be less people disturbing experiment, so that more results could be recorded. For example, when people talk, the sound wave blows out the fire. All of this results that the informaion, wasn’t really accurate. ConclusionAs you could see the peanuts average Temperature was higher then the pea, as the pea has less oil then the peanut. The amount of oil on the Peanut is far greater, as resulting m ore energy released from the peanut. While on the other hand, the Pea has less oil which was shown as there was less energy. This shows that the Peanut have at least 3 times more energy then the Pea. Further study Does more oil cause more energy released? â€Å"YES† it does. More oil will help to relese more energy, this is shown as today, many cars rely on oil to run. Bibliography http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Peanut#Peanut_oil http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Pea

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