Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Socialism Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Socialism - Assignment Example Du Bois’s socialism is fully reflected in his first novel entitled, â€Å"Quest of the Silver Fleece† written on 1911. The novel serves as an antidote for socioeconomic ills experienced in the society. Du Bois explained that his writings aimed to portray the right of black individuals to enjoy and love (as cited in Weinen & Kraft, 2007). Weinen and Kraft (2007) stress the applicability of Du Bois socialism to the period after Soviet Unions collapse and Chinas transformation from socialism to a state capitalism. Du Bois (as cited in Weinan & Kraft, 2007) asserted the need for solidarity and social service for the continuing class divide between Du Bois’s talented tenth descendants and majority of African American in the twenty first century. In addition, Du Bois stressed the need for leaders to critically analyzed social democratic legacy before proposing the global free trade as a means for economic and social developments of different nations worldwide. Lastly, Du Bois (as cited in Weinan & Kraft, 2007) reiterated that global social democracy serves as a means towards attaining

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